Ewami Essentials

Ewami Essentials started with a young lady who visited a salon only to see an old friend from college that was beautiful black princess then turned yellow. she wondered how it was possible to achieve yellow scalp even when the skin bleaching creams would not necessarily be applied in the scalp. the curiosity drove her to embark on a personal research to understand how a skin bleaching cream rubbed on the outer skin could have effects on the scalp. her curiosity gave birth to this brand and it steadily growing to become a household name in the Organic Beauty Industry in Africa.

founded in January 2013, this skin and hair care line has proffer solution to people who crave an organic, save and quality skin and hair products from Africa.

our clients are guaranteed value for their money on every ewami essentials products they purchase because each of our products is made with care and plenty of love.

In addition to giving you the best products for skin and hair,we offer consulting services to enable  customers and prospective customers understands what exactly the problem and the need for the products recommended.

Vision Statement – To be the local and international brand of choice in all our product categories.

Mission Statement – Providing customers with excellent value for money, great service delivery and products of remarkable quality.

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